his sister liked to think of herself as lord tywin with teats, but she was wrong. their father had been as relentless and implacable as a glacier, where cersei was all wildfire, especially when thwarted… she does not lack for wits but she has no judgement, and no patience.

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It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated.

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make me choose: spencerfan asked me harry potter saga or the hunger games saga?

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game of thrones:  t h e  l i o n   a n d   t h e  r o s e   (4x02)

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magdakon asked: talisa maegyr or meera reed

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our blades are sharp

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There are few things better than a salt bagel with avocado and muenster from Bodo’s lbr


"i shouldn’t eat this" I say as I shove it into my mouth

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gettin sick of this whole “wait a week for the next episode” shit

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